SproutVideo Responsive Homepage Redesign
As SproutVideo's Creative Director, one of my top priorities when I joined was redesigning the homepage to be beautiful, informative, and responsive. The new site effectively conveys what SproutVideo does, and what value it provides to prospective users.
SproutVideo is a powerful and affordable video hosting service for businesses. 
As the Creative Director, one of my top priorities when I joined was redesigning the homepage to be beautiful, informative, and responsive. The new site conveys what SproutVideo does, and what value it provides– regardless of the visitor's device.
The goal with the visual style was to communicate the reliability and ease-of-use of the product; it should feel trustworthy, down-to-earth, and uncomplicated. The use of plant imagery and warm gradients creates a light-filled, organic feeling to reinforce these characteristics. 
In order to launch an improved site as quickly as possible, I designed the homepage with a combination of paper-and-pencil sketches, style tiles in Photoshop, and prototyping in the browser with HTML and Sass.
The top half of the page shows how SproutVideo helps businesses with their video hosting needs; it also shows an example video player, and the highlights from the product's features.
 The bottom half of the page has a simple trial sign-up form, logos of some of the recognizable customers, and a testimonial. It also includes information about pricing plans and customer support, since the price and support are factors that separate SproutVideo from competing services.
This section relies heavily on clear content and great typography to communicate. For those curious: the fonts I used are Brandon Grotesque and Source Sans Pro, both served through Typekit.
This is just the first of many iterations of the homepage, but even this quick solution increased traffic to the site and trial signups. 
Check it out for yourself at http://sproutvideo.com
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