SproutVideo Responsive Pricing Page
A responsive pricing page for SproutVideo; this design includes a simple banner with a call to action, a breakdown of the different plans, a pricing calculator, and FAQ's.
This is part of a larger case study on the SproutVideo marketing site redesign. You can also read about the product and the thinking behind the site redesign on the homepage case study and features page case study. 
While SproutVideo's product is fairly involved, the pricing is pretty straightforward. Customers pay based on the amount of video they stream and the amount of video they store. All plans include all features, with the exception of the base plan, which doesn't include engagement metrics. Users can change plans or cancel at any time.
The one thing that sometimes trips users up about our pricing is estimating how much storage and bandwidth they'll use, based on their video hosting needs. To solve this, we include a handy calculator so users can input their number of videos, video length, and estimated plays per month to get a quote for what plan they should start with.
We've also included our frequently asked questions on this page, for anyone who needs more information before they're ready to start a trial.
Check it out for yourself at https://sproutvideo.com/pricing
Follow all my SproutVideo work on Dribbble at https://dribbble.com/owltastic/

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